Kids Classes- Ages 3-8

All of our Children's classes follow modern training methods for age appropriate learning and development. Stranger Danger, Anti-Bulling, Self Esteem and confidence training are key components to all of our Children's classes working on a positive reinforcement atmosphere.

Mini Ninjas Class (3-5 year olds)
Our Mini-Ninja classes are a 2 year rotating curriculum course geared toward the needs and abilities of children 3-5 years old. Classes are thirty minutes long to maximize this age groups attention span. 3-5 year olds learn through play. Children at this age are still developing their motor and social skills and our class offers a fun and active learning environment that has emphasis on safety, focus, sharing and an active lifestyle. Children are introduced to "Chikara" the Dragon and learn some basic martial arts through interactive and playful interaction drills and obstacle courses. Students receive stickers at end of class that can be collected and turned in for rewards. Mini-Ninjas have a unique belt system just for them and graduates of the program get a special certificate and the ability to progress to the Mighty-Ninja program as a yellow belt.

Mini-Ninja Classes are currently taught at 4:30-5:00pm Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur.

Mighty Ninjas (5-8 year olds)
Our 45 minute Mighty-Ninja class is geared to the abilities and needs to our 5-8 year old students. It is the next level of training for Mini-Ninjas as well as a standalone program. Our Mighty Ninjas start practicing some of the more complicated Martial Arts moves that work well for this age groups physical ability and understanding, such as sweeps, throws and striking arts. Might Ninjas also get introduced to Bo (Staff) and Bokuto (Wooden sword) training at advanced levels. Our Mighty-Ninja program is a 3 year goal oriented program with a unique Belt System of its own. Graduates get a special Certificate and the ability to enter our full Martial Arts Program as a Green belt.

MIghtly Ninja Classes are currently taught at 5:15-6:00pm Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Sat.

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